Simultaneous translation:

AVP is located in Belgium, a country with 3 official languages and the EU capital Brussels with its 24 official languages.
Our daily experience with simultaneous translation makes us your preferred partner for interpreting during your meeting, conference, congress or event...

- For your short ‘whisper translation’ or guided factory visit, we provide the easy to use ‘Tour Guide systems’.
This equipment in a compact case is very portable and completely wireless with one microphone and wireless stethoscope headphone/receivers.    

- For interpretation during your meeting, congress or event we provide all  necessary equipment with interpreters' booths, infrared transmitters and headphone/receivers.
All our Bosch equipment and interpreters' booths are according to the highest standard and norms of the European Commission.

- For your conference we provide Bosch conference microphones with headphones connection and languages selection for the translation.
These conference microphones are connected with the translation equipment in the interpreters' booths.
The perfect way to have a smooth organized discussion with simultaneous translation during your conferences.  


Using an interactive voting system is ideal to create interaction with your audience during your meeting, congress, seminar, training, event etc. 
Let your audience participate and ask them their opinion and votes. Change your standard presentation easily into an interactive voting session.
The attendees bring out there votes with our very easy to use wireless voting-pads.