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    The ‘i-sup2016’ conference: a very successful edition with a divers program

    AVP delivered not only the AV-support during the 3 days ‘i-sup 2016’ conference and exhibition.
    But also the complete  AV-service and set-design during the 4 evening-events in the Ballroom.
    - On Sunday : the ‘Brilliant’ Talk show & ‘Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Award’ ceremony, 
    with a live performance of Ozark Henry.
    - On Monday : ‘SDG : the international role of Brand-owners and knowledge institutes’
    - On Tuesday :  PlanC Community night – ‘The clash of ideas about a circular future?’ 
    - And on Wednesday : The gala-diner ‘Vito 25 years of innovation’ with a concert, holographic conducted by Dirk Brossé. 

    Check the Vito ‘i-sup2016’ event video