Meeting support

AVP offers a wide variety of audiovisual equipment to support your meeting, training, roadshow,  product presentation, marketing interview, videoconference, voting session, etc.

We take care of all the necessary AV equipment so that you can focus 100% on the subject of your meeting.
- A suited sound-system with the right type of microphones will guaranty the full attention of your audience.
We provide gooseneck microphones on a lectern and on the panel-table, wireless headset and lapel microphones for hands-free presenting and wireless handheld microphones for Q&A. 

During an intense debate or Q&A, a conference microphone for each attendee is the solution for a smooth vivid well organized meeting. 
With a telephone conference system or telephone interface you can invite attendees from all over the world, to participate in your meeting and debates.

-A video-conference will increase the presence of the far end attendees and will save them time and travel-expenses. 

‘A picture is worth more than a thousand words’ implicates that the quality of the projection during a meeting is very important.
It can ruin your presentation or reinforce your message with sharp and bright perfect images. 
We can show your presentation on flat-screens or project it on a screen with an LCD / DLP projector suited for the room. 

-For your presentations support we deliver all sorts of IT equipment, cue light, comfort monitors, speaker timer, etc.

-You don’t have to stand in the dark during your presentation or let the lights off the room shine on your slides. U
sing the correct type of profile spots to illuminate the speaker and podium, will minimalize the disturbing light on the screen.
And with a few simple led uplighters we deliver ambient light in any wanted color.

Feel free to contact us for your next meeting.