Meeting support

AVP offers a wide range of audiovisual equipment and services to support your meeting, roadshow, product presentations, training sessions, marketing interview, videoconference, interactive voting session, etc …

We take care of the complete audiovisual support, so that you can focus the full 100% on your message and the participants in the room.

A perfect soundsystem and suited projection are crucial to maintain the full attention of your attendees. Conference microphones for the participants to manage your debate or the Q&A-sessions. Simultaneous translation may be necessary for your international public.

Inviting people from all over the world to participate during your meeting or debates can be organized with a telephone conference system, telephone interface or a videoconference. An alternative to save time and travel expenses.

To make sure everything runs smoothly during your presentation we pay special attention to additional equipment such as comfort monitors, cue lights, speaker timer, suited image switching and IT-equipment, …

Feel free to contact us for your upcoming meeting.